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Solar Panels

BSEL Solar Panel Models

The solar panel is the most basic element of a solar power system. It primarily functions to gather sunlight during certain periods of the day to power different devices and structures. Depending on the size, solar panels can power anything from RVs to huge plants.

Solar energy starts with the sun. Solar panels are also known as photovoltaics and are primarily used to convert light from the sun. These are made of energy particles called photons that are changed into electricity to power various electrical loads. Light from the sun is considered as a renewable energy resource that gives clean energy. Solar panels can be used for different applications like remote power systems for cabins, remote sensing, telecommunications equipment and to produce electricity for commercial and residential panel systems.

Solar panels can gather clean renewable energy in sunlight form that is in place converted into electricity. The average home has adequate roof area to let solar panels gather enough sun to be converted into DC current.

Solar Panel
BSEL Model Number Max power(W) Dimension (mm) Weight (KG) Imp (A) Vmp (V) Isc (A) Voc (V)
BS005P180023601 5W 320x200 0.70 0.27A 18.25V 0.29A 21.96V
BS010P180053601 10W 290x355 1.30 0.55A 18.25V 0.59A 21.96V
BS020P180113601 20W 510x355 2.20 1.1A 18.25V 1.17A 21.96V
BS040P180233601 40W 620x540 3.50 2.32A 17.2V 2.57A 21.6V
BS050P180273601 50W 540X770 4.50 2.75 18.50V 2.89A 22.14V
BS060P180343601 60W 800x540 5.30 3.49A 17.2V 3.86A 21.6V
BS075P180413601 75W 1000X540 7.00 4.18A 18.12V 4.60A 21.76V
BS080P180463601 80W 1200x540 6.50 4.65A 17.2V 5.17A 21.6V
BS100P170583601 100W 1061x670 7.80 5.8A 17.2V 6.46A 21.6V
BS125P180753601 125W 1361x670 10.50 7.56A 17.2V 8.4A 21.6V
BS150P180803601 150W 1485x668 11.60 8.06A 18.62V 9.02A 22.35V
BS200P181077201 200W 1950x680 18.50 10.70A 18.71V 12.09A 22.64V
BS250P181337201 250W 1760x992 18.60 13.36A 18.73V 14.70A 22.85V
BS300P181667201 300W 1956x992 23.00 16.67A 18.00V 18.33A 21.60V

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